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Holiday party tips for employers

by Bonnie M. Boryca The end of the year brings various obligations for employers, along with the opportunity to spread holiday cheer to employees, whether it’s through end-of-year bonuses, time off from work, or company-hosted holiday parties. Unfortunately, examples of litigation arising out of holiday parties are not hard to find. Company-sponsored parties frequently lead […]

How to stay off the DOL’s naughty list during the holiday season

by Julie A. Moore Even without the eggnog fog and the distracting visions of sugar plums dancing through everyone’s heads at this time of year, the holidays can be a tricky time for complying with employment laws related to wage and hour and leave issues. Here are some FAQs we typically see from HR professionals […]

SMUNDAY doesn’t cut the mustard

by Mark I. Schickman Advertising is a cool job because there is a legal concept associated with it called “puffing”: You generally can’t sue somebody for advertising that they are great or huge or the best because a consumer has no business believing that stuff anyway. How liberating!  HR is supposed to be different, right? […]

Resolve to make 2017 better than years past

by Jodi R. Bohr As we put another year is in the books and look toward the promise of a new year, we may make (and hopefully keep) personal resolutions. But as HR professionals, we ought to make resolutions—or at least consider changes—to improve the processes we use daily, weekly, or even annually. Take this […]

‘Twas the holiday spirit come around again (and just in time)

by Vanessa L. Towarnicky ‘Twas the month of December, the holiday season, New year ’round the corner, my mind taxed beyond reason. The workplace has been digitized down to an app. My records and files appear with a tap.  As do Pidgey and Horsea and even Hypno, My Millennials have got me playing Pokémon GO. […]

Hottest gift this holiday season? Work-life balance

by Dan Oswald Thanksgiving is behind us, and the holidays are in full swing. Most of us feel busier than ever this time of year. With parties to attend, gifts to buy, and anticipated travel for the holidays, there certainly is a lot going on. How do we find time to get everything done and […]