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Recent Home Depot Case Hammers Home Rules of Procedure

Home Depot was recently entangled in a personal injury lawsuit filed against it by an employee who hurt his back loading a lawn mower onto a customer’s trailer. Discovery [pretrial fact finding] ensued, which is where important lessons—for all Texas employers, not just those that opt out of workers’ compensation—were dealt out by the Beaumont […]

Don’t Let an Offhanded Comment Bring About a Lawsuit

Performance reviews, when done correctly, can fulfill a critical role in managing employees’ performance and boosting productivity to higher levels. But more often than not, performance evaluations are viewed as a necessary evil by the managers required to complete evaluations and approached with trepidation by the employees receiving them. The problem with approaching the performance […]


Manager Claims Disability Bias after Employer Requires Psychological Evaluation

The U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals—which covers Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Tennessee—recently heard from a former Home Depot manager, claiming that he was discriminated against based on a “perceived” disability. The manager claims he was put on medical leave and required to undergo a psychological evaluation. The manager had made “threatening remarks” that could […]

New Workers’ Comp Case Is Good News for Employers

Yesterday, we looked at a case in which a brand-new agricultural worker fell off a high ladder, sustaining both physical and psychiatric injuries. Normally a worker has to be with an employer for at least six months to recover for psychiatric injuries—what did the court conclude in this case?

News Notes: Home Depot And EEOC Settle Class Action Bias Lawsuit

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has announced the simultaneous filing and settlement of a class action suit against Home Depot, USA Inc., alleging sex, race, and national origin bias at the company’s Colorado stores. Under the settlement, which a judge must still approve, Home Depot will pay $5.5 million to current and former employees […]

E-Alert Item: EEOC Sues Home Depot For Bias

The federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has sued Home Depot for sex discrimination. The agency charges that the home-improvement retailer repeatedly rejected a female applicant for various positions at a new Home Depot store in Rialto, near Los Angeles, and hired less-qualified men for the jobs. In response to the lawsuit, Home Depot has denied […]

News Notes: Home Depot Socked With Big Retaliation And ADA Verdict

An Oakland jury has ordered Home Depot to shell out almost $1.7 million for retaliating against an employee who complained about sexual harassment and failing to accommodate her under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Denise Restivo, a computer systems coordinator, was demoted and transferred after charging that managers made sexual remarks and mocked the company’s […]