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Faces of HR: Diane Hughes on Business Acumen, Career Development, and Giving Back

For this week’s edition of Faces of HR, we give flowers to Diane Hughes, Chief People Officer (CPO) at Alliant Credit Union. Like many of the HR professionals we feature in this column, Hughes didn’t always have HR on her radar. In fact, she calls herself an “accidental HR professional.” During college, she majored in […]

Faces of HR: SurveyMonkey’s CDIO on Accountability, Alignment, and Authenticity

With Black History Month well underway, we’re continuing our celebration of black professionals and their contributions to and achievements in the field of HR. For this edition of Faces of HR, we give flowers to Antoine Andrews, Chief Diversity and Social Impact Officer (CDIO) at SurveyMonkey, a global leader in survey software. Andrews joined SurveyMonkey […]

BPO: The Missing Link in Your HR’s DEI Strategy

The business process outsourcing (BPO) industry has been a transformative force for organizations, offering more than just cost savings and efficiency gains. One area where BPO can offer significant value is in addressing the critical issues of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) in the workplace. The DE&I Challenge in HR Conversations with HR leaders frequently […]

Beware Of ‘Quiet Cutting’ As an HR Strategy

You’ve heard of “quiet quitting”—it’s when employees put in the bare minimum to meet their job requirements without ever aspiring to do more than absolutely necessary. It’s a passive-aggressive way of voicing concerns to an employer while being a drain on your company. You’re not quitting—you’re just barely doing your job. Whether or not “quiet […]

Faces of HR: Adam Weber on Courage, Conviction, and Believing in Yourself

Meet Adam Weber, Chief Evangelist at 15Five, a performance management platform. 15Five’s platform combines coaching and manager training, 360° performance reviews, in-depth engagement surveys, and more to help HR leaders deliver better business outcomes. Weber also previously co-founded Emplify, an employee engagement measurement platform, and Bluebridge Digital, a mobile app platform. He sold the companies […]

How HR Can Help You Prepare for Leadership Transitions

It’s hard to think of a more important contributor to an organization’s long-term success than the cultivation of new leaders. Developing internal talent is almost always the most effective HR strategy—you can’t necessarily rely on outside hires to fit your company’s culture, mindset, and staffing needs. Succession planning is a business strategy companies use to […]

Faces of HR: How a Lifelong Learner Is Moving the Needle Forward in HR

B Jaye Burchfiel has more than 20 years of strategic HR experience translating business visions into actionable, value-added goals. Throughout her impressive career, Burchfiel has held myriad leadership roles, including serving as HR director for Vyne Dental, as well as HR director roles for both the Marine Accessories Corporation and ATI, Inc.  Currently, Burchfiel serves […]

From ‘Great Resignation’ to ‘Great Awakening’—How Enlightened Organizations Can Flip the Trend On Its Head Through Strategy Execution and Organizational Structure

We know that droves of workers across the world are leaving their jobs or thinking about doing so in the near future. As many as 19 million people in the United States alone have changed roles since April 2021. What’s less clear is exactly what’s causing this change in behavior. Broadly speaking, we know the […]

Avoiding Pitfalls When Implementing HR Strategies

Remember that Spiderman quote? You know, the one about responsibility. Well, it applies to HR more than some might think. HR personnel find themselves connected to so many aspects of their organization that they need to be very careful about how they implement their strategies. That means analyzing new ideas for fit within an organization, […]