Tag: Human Resources Management

‘The New Normal’: Lessons Learned Working from Home

The pandemic fundamentally changed the way we work, how we work, and where we work. No one knows if the workplace will ever return to pre-pandemic standards, but we know we can now adapt. Remote-first companies should focus on lessons learned from the last 2 years and implement them into the next phase of their […]

You Haven’t Changed a Bit!

As fully vaccinated late baby boomers, my wife and I have begun slowly widening our circles and reengaging in social activities. During trips to local restaurants, we’ve heard the phrase “you haven’t changed a bit” from acquaintances we haven’t seen for at least 15 months. While this phrase is a polite lie we tell each […]

How Organizational Design Technology Can Help Put the ‘Human’ Back into Human Resources Management

In recent years, technology has swept through the world of human resources—so much so, in fact, that the HR departments in many large organizations are facing the risk of losing touch with the living, breathing “resources” they’re tasked with managing as they busily deploy automated tools to recruit, screen, and hire job candidates all the […]