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Holiday season and winter weather: employer mini survival kit

by Shawntel Hebert The month of December is here, and depending on your industry, you may find your company in a very busy or fairly slow period. Whether you’re busy or slow, December also brings holiday festivities and the onset of winter weather. In the midst of planning for holiday staffing and preparing for inclement […]

Are Employees Entitled to Leave During an Emergency or Natural Disaster?

By Holly Jones, JD, Senior Legal Editor When I was in law school, one of my professors (my ethics professor, no less) advised us that the most reliable way to avoid the inevitable onslaught of distant relations, fair-weather friends, and just-met acquaintances asking for free legal advice was to quickly state, “Oh, I practice criminal […]

Weather woes give employers much to think about

Natural disasters wreak havoc on all facets of a community. The death toll from fire, flood, wind, snow, and ice is the most obvious concern, but the property damage that can leave people homeless or dealing with serious damage causes problems long after the initial storm passes.  Employers, too, have to deal with loss, damage, […]

Employee wage, time off, and benefit issues that arrive with winter storms

by Leanne Mehrman, Sal Simao, and Joanna Rich Much of the country suffered through punishing storms this past winter, and it has already started again. While fresh snowfall on a crisp winter day can be a beautiful thing, snowy and icy driving conditions are usually a little less charming, especially for employers whose employees aren’t […]

Shutdowns, Furloughs and Weather Delays—Wage/Hour Minefields

Business Shutdowns and Furloughs It should be no surprise that many employers have sought creative work arrangements in order to weather bleak times without resorting to morale-killing layoffs. Furloughs, temporary shutdowns, and reduced-hour schedules are common workplace solutions. However, the intricacies of the FLSA make these solutions tricky. The salary basis test is not satisfied […]

Pay, Time Off Issues for Office Closings Due to Inclement Weather

by Susan W. Kline With winter weather upon us, including snowy and icy road conditions, employers are faced with the prospect of lost time when employees can’t or don’t report to work because of inclement weather. Not only do absences due to bad weather reduce productivity, but they also raise a number of issues about […]