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Ilina Ewen: Born into the Role of a Diversity Leader

Our subject for this installment of our ongoing series on chief diversity officers and other diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) leaders is someone who says she was “born into” the field of diversity and inclusion (D&I). Ilina Ewen, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at Samet Corporation, a North Carolina-based construction firm, has leveraged her […]

Flatlining: How to Foster a People-First Culture

With a record number of job openings and limited labor, employers may look to fill roles with new talent even though they have in-house talent primed for promotion. When workers excel, managers may feel the need to keep them in their current roles, even if they are qualified for a new role. In doing so, […]

DEI Is Not Bullet Proof

I’m not sure how to tell you this, but diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are NOT BULLETPROOF. I see your confusion (and pain) as you try to figure out how your company somehow sustained those workplace culture wounds, even with that brand-new DEI program in place. OK, I get it. They told you at the […]

Strategies for Developing an Authentically Inclusive Company Culture

There’s been a lot of conversation surrounding issues of diversity and inclusion in the workplace in recent years. Indeed, there is mounting evidence that inclusivity and diversity are values employers, workers, and consumers alike enthusiastically embrace. But how do you know if your workplace is truly one where diversity is welcomed and where employees feel […]

How One HR Pro Creates Safe Spaces to Retain Talent

For more than a decade Shrina Sood, Associate Vice President of Talent Acquisition & Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) at Curriculum Associates, has helped recruit talent by supporting the Educational Technology organization grow from 200 to 2,000 employees. For our latest Faces of HR profile, we sat down with Shrina to discuss how she […]

Leadership Is a Behavior, Not a Title — And It Can Make or Break Inclusion in the Workplace

Have you noticed how life at home often mimics lived experience in the workplace? Much like adults set an example for younger people (knowingly or not), leaders shape the behavior of employees in an organization.  A perfect example of this point happened many years ago when my husband and I were babysitting the three-year old […]

Email Accessibility: How to Make Your Emails More Inclusive

When you create an email list, you probably manage and maintain your audience. By doing this, you ensure that you are retaining people who regularly engage with your emails and don’t waste time and energy on those who view your messages as spam. But, do you ever perform maintenance to ensure that your emails are […]