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How Corporate Leaders and Policy Makers Can Do More to Include Disabled Entrepreneurs

In the pursuit of fostering a diverse and inclusive economy, one group often faces a myriad of challenges that remain largely invisible to the untrained eye – individuals with disabilities. While strides have been made in recognizing and addressing the barriers faced by this demographic, there is still much work to be done to ensure […]

Walmart and State Governments Dropping College Degree Requirements

In previous posts, we’ve been discussing degree inflation and how it has led many organizations to routinely require levels of education that aren’t really needed for success in the job. Lately, however, there’s been a notable shift in the wind. Several major employers and governments are rethinking the necessity of college degrees for myriad positions. […]

Pay It Forward: Turning Pay Equity into a Reality

Think back to the beginning of the pandemic. Parents took on roles as teachers, caretakers, and much more in addition to their full-time jobs. Furthermore, countless articles suggest that women took on the bulk of those responsibilities, and, despite the additional duties in and out of the home, industry data still indicates that women earn […]