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How HR Can Build ERGs to Help Introverts Thrive

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) play an important role in fostering inclusivity and a sense of belonging at organizations. What isn’t discussed as often is the role that human resource leaders play in helping ERGs thrive. At 84.51°, a retail data science, media and insights company, I launched ITOPiA, an ERG, or what we call a […]

You Want to Get Employees Back to the Office? Improve the Office

Employee reluctance to return to the office isn’t simply coming from a desire to avoid long commutes or do their laundry in the middle of the day. Apparently, the in-office experience is quite problematic, according to a recent survey conducted by Appspace of 800 employees and 100 IT managers from various U.S. organizations with over […]

Early Experiences with Diversity Leads to Lifelong Passion

Patricia “Pat” Mayers is the Senior Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Manager at Seismic, a global enablement platform that was recently placed on the prestigious Forbes Cloud 100 List. Mayers’ unique background includes a childhood spent growing up abroad, and she attributes her passion for DEI, at least in part, to the race-relations culture shock […]

Faces of HR: Dipa Homer on Self-Awareness and Servant Leadership

Dipa Homer is a risk-taker, an important trait her parents passed on to her before she was born. Homer’s parents were born and raised in Bangladesh but decided to move to and start their family in a new place that offered opportunities. They chose Sydney, Australia. Both Homer and her brother were born and raised […]

Why You Should Add an Inclusion and Diversity Program Manager to Your Bench in 2023

We’ve heard a lot about companies’ growing interest in hiring chief inclusion and diversity officers (CIDOs). CIDOs are allocating budgets, mapping out goals, and building programs for inclusion and diversity (I&D) that will impact all employees. According to Glassdoor, I&D executive and leadership roles have more than doubled since June 2020. And according to LinkedIn […]

Valuing Multilingual Employees

Communication and connection are at the core of being human. Interacting with others and the world around us is critical not only for collaboration and progress but also for inclusion and belonging. It’s ironic, then, that something as universal as language can be so limiting. Language differences significantly impact people’s ability to connect with one […]

Driving Change Through DEI—From the Inside Out

It’s fascinating how many of the diversity leaders we profile never considered a career in an HR or a diversity role until they stumbled into one and discovered their passion. Our focus for this installment, however, is an example of someone who dedicated her career to the HR function from the very beginning. Yolanda Chase […]

How to Improve Your Diversity Recruitment Strategy, Starting with the Hiring Team

Most recruiters and managers agree that a diverse team is critical for developing creativity, innovation, and growth toward a better bottom line. Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are vital pillars in talent and hiring, especially today. A diverse workforce consistently indicates happier and healthier employees working in an environment where they feel respected—not to mention the countless benefits […]

3 Strategies for Developing a Positive & Inclusive Hybrid Employee Experience

To be successful, companies must cultivate a workforce that is happy, engaged, and productive. The employee work experience must be positive, balanced, and inclusive, regardless of workers’ location or role. It’s a tall order, especially when the work environment and employee expectations have changed so dramatically over the past several years. Remote and hybrid work […]