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Economic Reality Check: Is Your Independent Contractor an Employee in Disguise?

The traditional lines between contractors and employees are fading fast as outsourcing continues to gain popularity. The “gig” economy leads people to pursue freelance careers, working several jobs or maintaining a “side hustle.” Technological advancements allow more flexibility in where, when, and how jobs are completed, further blurring traditional distinctions between contractors and employees. Yet […]

Misclassification mistakes: Know risks and prevention strategies

It’s almost an understatement to call misclassification of employees as independent contractors a hot topic. It’s certainly the subject of a growing list of court cases, government agency investigations, and legislative initiatives. Various agencies at both the state and federal level have been in crackdown mode for a few years now, and it’s no wonder: […]

Independent contractor or employee? Ensure you get it right

How do you know whether to classify someone as an independent contractor or employee? Is it enough to have a contract in place that specifies that someone is not considered an employee? While most employees hope they have it right, misclassifying employees as independent contractors costs the federal government $2.72 billion every year, according to […]

Be “sure” before classifying a worker as an independent contractor

Never base a worker classification decision on uncertainty, according to attorney Christine Walters. Walters, a Maryland HR consultant presenting at the Society for Human Resource Management’s legislative conference in Washington, D.C., March 5,  ticked off the many reasons employers might be inclined to classify a worker as an independent contractor. Among them: to avoid paying […]