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Filling the Gaps: Strong Hiring Plan Requires Assessing Current, Future Needs

Employers can’t develop effective hiring strategies without knowing the kind of talent they already have on board, what they’ll need in the future, and how to fill any gaps. A workforce analysis can identify those gaps so that employers can develop an actionable plan. And HR professionals who take the lead in this workforce analysis […]


Developing a Pipeline of Internal Talent Important Part of Hiring Strategy

Going external to recruit the most qualified candidates is critical to keep up with the demand for talent in most organizations. But that strategy overlooks two important sources of internal talent – current employees with talent and experience not utilized in their current positions or who have the ability to grow into new roles and […]

Why Don’t Employees Perform?

What Do We Mean by “Performance”? Let’s define performance as behavior demonstrated in a particular way for another group of people that causes a defined result, says Ware, who is president and CEO at Integral Talent Systems, Inc. Her remarks came during a recent BLR-sponsored webinar. For example, she says, if increased sales is the […]