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Are Your Supervisors Trained to Explain 401(k)s?

These days many people live well into their eighties, and some make it into their nineties. That means that many of your employees can expect to live 20 or more years in retirement. Financial experts say that to live comfortably during retirement, a person needs about     80 percent of his or her current wages. Social […]

Retirement Plans: Major Changes to the 403(b) Rules; How to Prepare

Section 403(b) of the Internal Revenue Code is undergoing its most significant changes in decades. The IRS has issued final regulations for retirement plans governed by Section 403(b) and maintained by nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations and public schools for their employees’ benefit. The plans may be funded through annuity contracts issued by an insurance company, […]

Leased And Temporary Workers: Why You Could Be On The Hook For Unintended Benefits; Action To Take Now

Supplementing your regular workforce with staff provided by an employee leasing company has become an increasingly popular way to keep administrative and benefit costs down and maintain labor flexibility. Many who use leased workers and long-term agency temps consider themselves immune from the risky misclassification problems that have plagued employers who use independent contractors. But […]