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Gathering Information Before the Door Hits Employees on the Way Out

The end of employment is a hectic time for HR. You have to document the reasons for the employee’s departure, deal with benefits issues, and ensure that the soon-to-be-ex-employee’s final paycheck is accurate. Sometimes, you’re simply relieved to get the departing employee out the door. Before you kick him to the curb, however, you should […]


Prepare for job interviews to land the best employees

Note from Dan Oswald: This week’s Oswald Letter was written by Scott Peek, the customer service supervisor at Simplify Compliance. I think he makes a great point and that his thoughts are worth sharing. by Scott Peek When interviewing, it’s important to remember that you’re being interviewed, too. We all know that when interviewing potential […]

Exit interviews can help employers improve their companies

Exit Signs: Employers Should Learn Lessons from Departing Employees

Job hunters are seeing glimmers of hope as the economy shows signs of rebound. Economic recovery is good news for everyone, but the downside for employers is that they may see some of their valuable employees taking advantage of an improving job market by looking for opportunities in new workplaces. When good people move on, […]


Supreme Court Rules Oral FLSA Complaints Are OK

Today, in a 6-2 decision, the U.S. Supreme Court held that the Fair Labor Standards Act’s (FLSA) antiretaliation provision protects not just written complaints but also oral ones. The Court noted in its opinion that it heard the case because of a conflict in the circuit courts over whether oral complaints were protected. In Kasten […]


Don’t Take Good People for Granted

I was reminded recently that it isn’t the next great talent that you find but the one that’s already in your organization that you’re able to keep that really counts. Think about all the time you spend writing the perfect job ad to attract the best candidates. Then you must screen dozens, if not hundreds, […]


Workplace Investigations: Finding the Truth

by Toby Tiner, Jr. Editors’ note: This week we feature a guest article. The editors of Maine Employment Law Letter think you will benefit from the practical insights of their colleagues. They have worked alongside Toby on many tricky employee-relations cases, and his ability to find the truth while treating employees respectfully has impressed them. […]