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How to Provide Flexible Forms of Employee Support Like Fertility Benefits

As companies rethink the benefits they offer amid shifting employee demands and expectations since the COVID-19 pandemic, HR teams have to focus on providing more robust and flexible support for their workforces. This means surveying employees to identify their individual needs, exploring non-traditional benefits that provide a competitive edge in hiring and retention, and understanding […]

Advancing Well-Designed Benefits—Even in Times of Layoffs—Is the Right Choice

Jade and Cristina, like thousands of software engineers in their early 30s who dream of starting families, have worked long hours and built solid networks. Their careers are advancing nicely. Typical of tech employees in their generation, each chose to work for a company that supports work/life balance and offers attractive family-building benefits, and both […]

Expanding Your Family Building Benefits Beyond Fertility in 2023

It’s International Women’s Day, so here at HR Daily Advisor we’re highlighting an important topic that isn’t discussed enough: fertility and family building benefits. While these types of benefits have gained much-needed attention over the past few years, organizations can do more to help their employees throughout every stage of their family building journey. In […]