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Practical Tips for Hard-to-Fill Requirements

In yesterday’s Advisor, BLR® Contributing Editor Jennifer Carsen, JD, helped us understand the hiring shortages in the new economy. Today, we present her techniques for filling those hard-to-fill positions. Practical Solutions for Hard-to-Fills Regardless of the impact of the skills gap, the bottom line is that there is a lot employers can do proactively to […]

How to Fill Those Hard-to-Fill Positions

Good news—the economy is stronger than it’s been in years—and getting better. Bad news—you’re going to have even more trouble than usual finding suitable candidates for certain vacant positions. And the longer those vacancies go unfilled, the more disruption they cause. BLR® Contributing Editor Jennifer Carsen, JD, sorts out what’s happening and what to do […]

Pinterest, the Recruiting Tool … Really?

Using Pinterest for business may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of this highly visual, crafts-heavy relative newcomer to the social media scene. But with explosive growth and the ability to drive traffic to your website, Pinterest is certainly a tool worth considering.

Recruiting Tools 2015: Twitter and Facebook?

While the fundamentals of sourcing remain timeless—attracting the notice of great candidates and encouraging them to get in touch with your organization—there are now more ways than ever to go about it. Is Twitter one of them? Facebook?

Hire Based on Data, Not “Gut”

On Fridays, California Employer Daily will often be given over to an “E-pinion” column by Jennifer Carsen, Esq., ERI’s Managing Editor. If you’ve got an idea for a 500-700 word column on any topic of interest to California employers, we’d love to have you as a guest columnist. Just describe your idea in a brief […]