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Walmart and State Governments Dropping College Degree Requirements

In previous posts, we’ve been discussing degree inflation and how it has led many organizations to routinely require levels of education that aren’t really needed for success in the job. Lately, however, there’s been a notable shift in the wind. Several major employers and governments are rethinking the necessity of college degrees for myriad positions. […]


How Can You Prepare for Future Minimum Wage Hikes?

Sixteen states and at least 10 large cities have increased their minimum wages substantially in 2020, with a majority of them going into effect on January 1. The minimum wage increases are happening in many markets already at or near historic lows in unemployment, which could have a significant impact on employers looking to recruit […]


New research urges a rethinking of 4-year degree requirements

When designing a recruiting and hiring process, few employers would intentionally build a system that automatically excludes qualified candidates. But new research indicates that’s what sometimes happens with employers seeking middle-skills workers. Such a system hurts not just the jobseeker but also the employer hoping to attract and retain productive employees from a variety of […]