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How to Trim Onboarding Costs Without Impacting Quality

Onboarding is a make-or-break point in the employee life cycle. With the right approach, a fresh hire can establish meaningful work relationships, gain the right knowledge, and clarify expectations about job performance, reaching his or her full potential as quickly as possible. A poor onboarding experience, on the other hand, will only hamper job satisfaction […]

Developing a Recruiting Strategy? Don’t Forget Employer Brand

It’s comes as no surprise that HR professionals consistently name recruiting top talent and retaining valued employees among their toughest challenges. Developing a strategy to meet those challenges may entail a number of elements, but establishing and communicating the employer’s “brand” should never be overlooked.

Top Talent—Gone in 60 Seconds?

Well, not 60 seconds, but 10 days according to internationally known HR thought leader John Sullivan, PhD. Citing research by Officevibe.com, Sullivan says that the best candidates tend to stay in the job market for 10 days. If you wait, you lower your quality of hire, Sullivan says. These tips came during his session at […]

The Best of the Best in Employment Branding

We have heard quite a bit from John Sullivan, PhD, professor, author, corporate speaker, and advisor, over the last few weeks concerning employment branding. Today we wrap up our discussion with his thoughts on the best examples of employment branding he’s encountered. We asked Sullivan what he thought were the best companies as far as […]

Which Companies Get Employment Branding Right?

Yesterday Dr. John Sullivan shared his thoughts with us about employment branding. Today, we wrap up our conversation with him by discussing those companies that he finds most successful at employment branding. We asked Sullivan what he thought were the best companies as far as employment branding was concerned. He shared his thoughts based on […]

Improve Your Brand by Eliminating Big Brother

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been talking with Dr. John Sullivan about employment branding. Today we’ll discuss measuring and monitoring company brands, and why limiting what your employees can and cannot say might be a big mistake. Sullivan has a lot of experience with employment branding. Today he continues his discussion with topics like […]

Why You Shouldn’t Rely on Your Job Website

We had a chance to ask Dr. John Sullivan—author, corporate speaker, professor, and advisor—about employment branding during a recent webinar. Today we’ll hear how he addressed the topics of alumni programs and external versus internal brand development. Q: Could you share some best practices for maintaining a pipeline or candidate pool of potential recruits? A: […]

Why Employment Branding Rocks

In yesterday’s Advisor Dr. John Sullivan—professor, author, corporate speaker, and advisor—gave advice concerning employment branding. Today we hear more from him.