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What’s the Link Between Interest Rates and the Labor Market?

Two macroeconomic factors have recently been on employers’ minds: interest rates and the labor market. While these two issues may at first seem to have little, if any, connection to one another, they are actually quite closely linked. For example, in a recent article for Fortune, Christopher Rugaber and the Associated Press write, “America’s employers […]

Employee Appreciation Day 2023

Hopefully, employers, HR pros, and managers are aware that March 3, 2023 (and the first Friday in March each year), is Employee Appreciation Day. In a labor market where employee demand is outstripping supply in many sectors, it’s particularly important to keep staff engaged and retained.

The Normalization of Job Hopping

Workers no longer expect to stay with companies for their lifetimes. In fact, it’s increasingly common for employees to stick around for as little as a year before moving on to a new role, where they also expect to have a short tenure. It’s a practice long known as “job hopping,” although the stigma once […]

Major Companies’ Experience with In-House Business Schools

Businesses across the United States are struggling to find workers to staff their operations. Many are at a loss to find even entry-level employees for frontline retail and service roles. As one can imagine, that challenge can become even more acute when a company starts to add more robust qualifications to their hiring criteria. Consider, […]

How Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is Poised to Help With the Labor Shortage

With companies around the globe struggling to find staff, could the time be ripe for an explosion in RPA? What kinds of solutions can this technology offer, and what does it mean for workers and employers long term? What’s Going On With the Labor Market? It’s no secret that the labor market, both in the […]