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Webinar Watch: Why Leadership Communication is Not One-Size-Fits-All

There is no substitute for the skill of good, effective communication. While many assume that since leaders are in positions of authority, they must already communicate well.  The stark reality is that this couldn’t be further from the truth! For leaders who are truly great communicators, they recognize that there are four key dimensions of […]

Addressing Emerging Skills Gaps in a Tight Labor Market

While fears of a 2023 recession linger, the American economy continues to hum along, and that includes the tight labor market that has left companies around the country struggling to find enough qualified workers to keep their operations running. That adjective “qualified” is an important one. It’s not necessarily the case that companies can’t find […]

2022 Sees Record Number of U.S. Freelancers

As they struggle to fill open positions, employers may be frustrated to learn that the number of American freelancers has risen to an all-time high of 60 million people, according to Upwork. In other words, while it’s become increasingly difficult to fill traditional roles, there are more people willing to offer work on a temporary, […]

Amazon Pinched by Labor Shortage

In the space of just under three decades, Amazon grew from an online book seller to a massive online retail empire. Companies that experience such tremendous success rarely do so without controversy, and when keeping prices low is part of the winning recipe, labor wages and conditions are often under constant pressure. Amazon’s Employment Practices […]

Why Some Industries Are Hit Harder by Labor Shortages than Others and What They Can Do About It

Many readers may have heard about the Great Resignation without actually noticing its impacts in their own work lives. While it may take a bit longer to hire that new accountant or project manager, most major corporations are not being forced to close up shop due to a shortage of workers. But for those working […]


Concrete Data Sheds Further Light on Labor Shortage

We’ve written a great deal about companies struggling to staff their organizations these days. Many are having to lower their minimum criteria, increase wages, or simply leave positions unfilled. Perhaps the most obvious labor shortage is in retail and service positions, which manifests itself in unexpected retail store closures and slow service at a favorite […]

Older Workers Leading COVID-Era Jobs Exodus

The labor shortage employers are currently facing is obvious to anyone who’s recently eaten out at a restaurant or visited a retail store. Slow service, “help wanted” signs, and even businesses that are temporarily closed due to a lack of staff are increasingly common sights.