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The Emotional Benefits of a To-Do List

Employees often feel overwhelmed when faced with a multitude of tasks. It can feel as though there isn’t enough time or opportunity to focus on one thing at a time when check-ins and competing deadlines are coming in from all directions.

Learning Communities for Customers

Companies spend a great deal of time and money training their employees. But many also dedicate resources to training their customers, as well. A common strategy for this type of training is to use online learning communities for customers, which can include tutorials, videos, instruction manuals, FAQs, and other tools to help customers better understand […]

The Most Effective Training Methods

Research on training methods is essential to avoid the unnecessary costs that come with training. According to Forbes, the training market is worth approximately $109 billion in the United States. Therefore, the tasks of researchers are to search and define the best methods to present the information to the targeted trainees, as well as to […]

Comp 2012: Smart Tactics for Uncertain Times

Pasteris is president of TLMP Consulting Group and Lipis is owner of Lipis Consulting Inc. Focal points: All Companies Since for most companies there’s not a lot of money to go around, the question is, how do you get the best bang for the buck? Here’s what WorldatWork’s 2012 survey projects: Actual 2010 Actual 2011 […]