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Stricter workplace smoking law taking effect in California

by Jim Brown Sedgwick LLP A new law expanding smoking restrictions in California workplaces is set to take effect on January 1. State law previously restricted smoking in places of employment based on “enclosed space” areas. In addition to requiring signage, California Labor Code Section 6404.5 provided a list of exceptions or exemptions from the […]

New accessibility laws coming for federal sector

by Jackie VanDerMeulen Laws aimed at making organizations more accessible for Canadians with disabilities have been enacted by various jurisdictions across Canada in recent years. The federal government recently announced that it also plans to introduce legislation to promote accessibility. It will apply to federally regulated employers, such as banks, cross-border transportation providers, and telecommunications […]

Maryland equal pay law will take effect October 1

by Kevin C. McCormick Maryland’s new Equal Pay for Equal Work Act, which takes effect on October 1, will prohibit employers from providing less than favorable employment opportunities to or discriminating against employees by paying different rates based on their sex or gender identity. Under the new law, which was signed by Governor Lawrence Hogan […]

New Arizona law allows independent contractors to declare their status

by Dinita L. James Gonzalez Law, LLC A new Arizona law going into effect on August 6 will allow independent contractors to provide a declaration of their independence to businesses using their services. The law provides a form called a declaration of independent business status (DIBS) to help determine whether a worker should be classified […]

New Rhode Island data security law takes effect July 2

by Timothy C. Cavazza and Matthew H. Parker The Rhode Island Identity Theft Protection Act of 2015 will take full effect on July 2, meaning employers need to have their data security and notification policies in compliance or face serious financial consequences if even one data breach occurs. The new law applies to employers and […]

Portland, Oregon, ‘ban the box’ ordinance takes effect July 1

Employers in Portland, Oregon, need to be ready for the city’s new “ban the box” ordinance, which takes effect July 1. The state of Oregon’s ban-the-box law took effect January 1, but Portland’s ordinance goes further than the state law. Portland’s ordinance applies to businesses that (1) employ six or more employees and (2) have […]

Colorado repeals state employment verification law

by Roger Tsai Colorado employers soon will be relieved of their obligation to complete and maintain the state employment verification affirmation form aimed at ensuring that new hires are legally eligible for employment in the United States. Governor John Hickenlooper signed the measure into law on June 8, and it will take effect August 10. […]

West Virginia joins states limiting access to employees’ social media accounts

by Tracey B. Eberling West Virginia’s new law regulating employer access to employees’ and applicants’ personal social media accounts goes into effect June 10. The West Virginia Internet Privacy Protection Act is aimed at protecting employees’ “personal accounts,” defined as “an account, service or profile on a social networking website that is used by an […]

New Tennessee law ‘bans the box’ for state government jobs

Tennessee has joined the list of states passing some form of “ban the box” legislation with the passage of Senate Bill 2440. Governor Bill Haslam signed the measure on April 14. Many states, counties, and cities across the country have joined the ban-the-box movement by prohibiting job applications that require applicants to check a box […]