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3 Ways to Manage a High-Volume Recruiting Campaign 

High-volume hiring is when a company quickly brings on many workers to fill multiple positions. It takes a lot of effort and resources at all stages to successfully conduct a high-volume hiring campaign. It’s more than going through hundreds or thousands of applications. It also involves screening final candidates and then onboarding new hires. Fortunately, high-volume […]


Be Clear: Why Data Transparency Will Be a Hit with Candidates

Candidate data give recruiters a glimpse into the insights and experience potential hires can bring to a company. But that information also has personal value to the candidates who provide it. Recruiters and companies must recognize the responsibility that comes with gathering those data and be transparent about how they use and protect them.


How HR Leaders Can Earn—and Keep—a Seat at the Leadership Table

There’s no denying that the role of the Human Resources professional has vastly changed with the “future of work.” No longer are HR pros simply responsible for recruiting and retaining talent. The role now requires HR leaders to be strategists who proactively solve for problems before they even arise.


3 Ways to Leverage Your People Data in 2019

Intuition—a mental “shortcut”—is the result of two hardwired processes (pattern recognition and emotional tagging), which frequently lead to cognitive errors. As a result of “going with your gut,” even the best, most experienced business leaders can make poor judgment calls about individuals.