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‘Gotta catch ’em’: Employers dealing with Pokemon Go mania

To say that the Pokemon Go craze has taken the world by storm may be an understatement. Reportedly the app broke a record for downloads in its first week of release on Apple’s App Store. It also quickly reached the top spot for free apps in the Google Play store.  Launched on July 6, the […]

Adding fun to work can pay off, but be alert to snags

Who doesn’t like a little fun at work? Breaking the monotony with some offsite activities, an office game day, or just a special lunch can provide a restorative break to help hard-working employees get ready to tackle the hard work that’s always waiting.  Fun-at-work proponents tout the benefits of giving employees the chance to get […]

Playing at Work and Working at Play

by Boyd Byers Every office has at least one. The guy who stockpiles Star Wars action figures in his cubicle. Or the gal with the Hello Kitty screen saver who jams to the same music as her teenage daughter. Twenty years ago, they would have been considered immature and unprofessional. Today, they’re more likely to […]