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Updates When There Are No Updates

Most teams have some kind of standing, recurring meeting to touch base with staff and provide updates. These meetings are great venues for group managers to pass along information from the top of the company down.


The Problem with Squishy Answers and How to Stop Them

Part of the burden of being the boss is making the important decisions: whether it’s necessary to authorize costly overtime to meet a production deadline; if the company should apologize to a customer over a disagreement or stand firm in its position; if a supplier should be replaced; etc.


Creating a Learning Culture and Making It Fun

As environments around us are changing exponentially, thriving organizations are ones that are able to adapt and be nimble. Being comfortable with change, uncertainty, and ambiguity takes a workforce skilled in learning.


Helping Employees Stay Well During COVID-19

These are stressful times for everyone, and in a work environment where mental illness was already a rising concern for many organizations, the COVID-19 crisis is creating new concerns. Employees are anxious not only about their health and the health of their loved ones but also about the economy, child care, and their job security.