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Aging Market Data: Strategies for Success

In strategizing salary budgets, employers often have to decide whether they want to lead, lag, or lead/lag the market rate. What factors play into aging market data to suit your employment needs? And when is it time to retire your current market data?

How Attractive Are You to Potential Employees?

For instance, while you may be the greatest employer, if you do not have a company website, chances are that you will appear “antiquated” and some candidates may not consider you as their top choice.  Therefore, the following are areas that you may want to explore in preparation for recruiting candidates.

Building Your Employee Talent Pool—Best Practices

Building a recruitment strategy that can meet the ups and downs of everyday business in a volatile economy is a tough challenge. To compound matters, you are not alone in your quest for the best employees.  Even companies that are not currently hiring are actively building their talent communities and their candidate pools in preparation […]

Four T’s for Dealing with That ‘Tough Nut to Crack’

With difficult, loud people, ask, Why is he or she so difficult? Maybe my thought is that this person is insecure, so I change my behavior, things change for the better, and the other person takes the credit. But there’s the beginning of a relationship. Four Ts of Crucial Connections To work on difficult relationships, […]

#1 Mistake Managers Make that Makes Great People Quit

A Players Don’t Have to Play on B Teams Kleiman uses baseball analogies for clues about why managers lose A players: A players never have to play on a B team, he says. And they don’t want to play with B or C players. That makes for problems when A players’ managers retain poor performers, […]

Market Pricing—Comp Key in 2013

Daniels, Senior Consultant at Keating Advisors, LLC, offered her suggestions at a recent webinar sponsored by BLR and HR Hero. Getting Market Pricing Right Market Pricing is the process of analyzing external salary survey data to establish the worth of jobs as represented by market data, based upon the “scope” of the organization (geography, industry, […]

Stay Market Competitive, Retain Top Talent in 2013

Daniels, Senior Consultant at Keating Advisors, LLC, offered her suggestions at a recent webinar sponsored by BLR and HR Hero. How to Conduct a Base Pay Structure Review Daniels says a well-designed and effective base pay system should be: Supported by an agreed-upon organizational compensation philosophy Supported by clear compensation administration policies Driven by up-to-date […]

C-Suite Doesn’t Care? You’re Talking About Comp the Wrong Way

Carroll talks of one CEO who was frustrated about compensation. He had his 12 top people that he wanted to compensate well, but he couldn’t seem to afford to do it. He thought that setting up a formal comp program would interfere with his ability to do what he wanted, but Carroll said to him, […]