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6 Traits of Effective Leaders

"Progressive employers seek to become the employer of choice as a means to secure a competitive advantage in the marketplace for attracting, retaining and promoting top talent." Mary Anne Kennedy highlighted in a recent BLR webinar. But how do you become an employer of choice? What differentiates a good employer from an average one? Often, […]

What is Coaching and Mentoring?

Transformational leadership is the process of gaining performance above expectations by inspiring staff to reach beyond their potential. But what do you use to make that happen in your organization? Do you have a coaching and mentoring program? A coaching and mentoring program can help your employees reach their full potential

What is a Succession Plan and Why Should You Have One?

Succession planning is an often-overlooked yet important aspect of talent management. What happens when a high-performing employee, or even an executive, leaves the company? Who moves into that role? What is lost during the transition when no one is in line to move immediately into place? This is the rationale for succession planning – to […]

8 Succession Planning Fundamentals

Succession planning allows companies to not only retain key talent, but also to have someone at the ready when a critical position becomes vacant. This helps ensure smooth transitions and minimal disruption to business, all while retaining more of your high performers. Each organization faces unique challenges in succession planning. There’s no universally-applicable succession planning […]

Q&A on Job Description Creation

Job descriptions aren't merely lists of qualifications and duties. To the contrary, they are active documents by which you determine who you will hire, and how you will evaluate and compensate the people who will eventually fill those jobs. Getting them right takes time and a good understanding of what they're trying to accomplish. HR […]


What is the Purpose of a Job Description?

Some organizations have very structured job descriptions, with detailed processes and automated systems to keep up with job descriptions. However, other organizations have more limited resources or may not have a formal human resources department, or may not have an embedded process for creating and maintaining effective job descriptions. If this describes your organization, check […]