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Out to Lunch? Maybe Not, in Massachusetts . . .

Most Massachusetts employers are required by law to provide “meal breaks” for their employees. However, in many industries, it isn’t always feasible for employees to leave the premises during lunch or even to stop working while they’re eating. If employees work through their meal breaks, must they be paid for that time? What if they […]

Be wary when employees ‘volunteer’ to work through lunch

When workers volunteer to attend work-related meetings during their lunch break, are they dedicated employees eager to go the extra mile, or do they signal a legal problem? That’s an issue recently put to a group of attorneys who focus on employment law matters. Their advice: Be careful.  The attorneys were asked what to do […]

Brinker Decision Pushes Meal, Rest Breaks Top of Conversation

Last week, the California Supreme Court issued an opinion in a closely watched case dealing with meal and rest breaks for employees. Brinker Restaurant Corp. v. Superior Court clarified meal and rest break practices for employers in California; however, the case is generating interest in other parts of the country as well because of the […]

10 Things HR Needs to Know about California Wage and Hour Laws

by Jim Brown and Marc Koonin Companies with employees working in California must always remain mindful of the state’s protectionist wage and hour laws. You must always comply with federal standards and all California laws that provide greater protections for employees than the federal requirements. Failure to do so might be an unwelcome invitation to […]

Telecommuting Might Be the Answer for Workers Who Change Their Retirement Plans

by Mark Schickman Look around your workplace, and you will see baby boomers who are rethinking their retirement plans. They have had their anniversary date in 2010 circled on their calendars for a decade, they have bought their retirement condo, and they have calculated the rate of investment return that allows their retirement fund to […]