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California Updates Leave Laws

by Susan Schoenfeld, JD 2016 has already seen updates in California leave law, specifically laws related to the use of paid sick leave for kin care and leave for child-related activities. Continue reading to get up to speed on these important new rules in the Golden State.

Ask the Expert: Attendance, Discipline and the ADA

We employ less than 20 employees. We have one employee who frequently calls in or has to leave due to “panic attacks.” She has been late for work over 30 times and has called in sick 7 times in the past 6 months. She has indicated that she is on medication. She has also been […]

What’s Your Market Position?

Yesterday, we looked at tips from BLR’s Senior Compensation Editor Sharon McKnight, CCP, SPHR, on aging your salary data. Today, McKnight’s insights on figuring out your market position—are you leading, lagging, or lead-lagging?

I Need to UNdesignate Some FMLA Leave; Is That OK?

What can you do if you discover that you’ve mistakenly designated leave as FMLA-qualifying? Several cases help point the way to the policy you should follow. Employer’s Promise (Designation) Must Be Kept Some courts have held that employees are entitled to FMLA protections based on representations made by the employer, even if the employer’s representation […]

Win-Win Approach to Managing ‘Unplanned’ FMLA Leave

Caraway, who is a member of Miller & Martin PLLC, in the Chattanooga office, offered six tips for reducing FMLA abuse during a recent webinar sponsored by BLR. Here are tips four to six for dealing with FMLA abuse. [Go here for tips 1 to 3] Tip #4—Planned vs. Unplanned Leave It’s important to pay […]

Reform Agencies Clarify Cost Sharing and Essential Services

A series of agency Q&As resolves a few questions relating to complying with federal health care reform, such as correctly counting participants’ out-of-pocket expenditures; wellness program reward administration; and the status of “carved-out” benefits. In latest set of Frequently Asked Questions, the U.S. Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services and the Treasury provide some […]

Retroactive FMLA Designation—3 Scenarios Cut Through the Fog

When you find out about a possible FMLA qualifying leave after it has started, how far back can you go to retroactively designate the leave? Athey, an attorney with The Robert E. Miller Group in Kansas City, Missouri, was joined by a colleague, consultant Kristi McKinzey, in a recent webinar sponsored by BLR/HRHero. Athey offers […]