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Office Romance Leads to Robbery

Litigation Value: $0. Shockingly, I don’t think Dunder Mifflin can be held liable for any conduct in the “Crime Aid” episode of The Office. That doesn’t mean I think it’s advisable for Michael Scott and Holly to be messing around at work, for Phyllis to auction off sexual favors (“hugs”), or for Dwight to point […]

Baby in the Office: A Slippery Situation

Litigation Value: Currently, $0 My stomach still hurts from laughing. This week on The Office, Michael Scott prepared for the birth of his make-believe baby by having Dwight Schrute, pant-less and on Michael’s desk, give birth to a buttered-up watermelon, all the while screaming about secretly marking the baby so no one could steal it.  […]

The Right Interview Questions

We’re in the middle of election season and the race for the White House. When you’re deciding between McCain and Obama, perhaps it would help if you treated the election like what it really is: a job interview. Sometimes the questions the candidates are asked are ridiculous (boxers or briefs), and sometimes the answers the […]

Anchors Away

Another week without even a rerun, so to find something to write about, we turn to Steve Carrell’s movie catalogue. Anchorman proves to provide plenty of HR lessons — lessons that are strikingly similar to those we see with Michael Scott and gang in Scranton. LITIGATION VALUE: $1,000,000 (in pre-inflation, 1976 dollars). Obviously, there is […]

The Deposition: Michael’s Secrets Revealed!

In “The Deposition” episode of “The Office,” Michael Scott tries to testify against his employer, Dundler Mifflin, after his girlfriend Jan Levinson sues the company for wrongful termination.  While Michael is being deposed, his e-mail, personal diary, and performance reviews are  used. Employment law attorney Troy Foster reminds us that “that nothing at work should […]


I don’t usually pass along pop-culture links, but this one was too good to be true. On Tuesday of this week, TMZ reported that Steve Carell, who plays Michael Scott on The Office, was selected for jury duty in an employment-related dispute in California! Well, at least he had some experience with litigation earlier this […]

The Deposition

LITIGATION VALUE: $200,000 (including Dunder Mifflin’s attorneys fees and deposition costs) Well, it finally happened. An employee has sued Dunder Mifflin for wrongful termination. I’m not usually one to say “I told you so” but, somehow, I just can’t stop myself this morning. While it is probably not illegal to fire someone for getting a […]

Branch Wars

LITIGATION VALUE: $400,000 (that classified ad just isn’t going to look good to a jury) While I didn’t expect it to come from the Utica branch, it looks like the “the war for talent” that so many commentators have been writing about has finally hit Dunder Mifflin. Unfortunately for Michael Scott, the war simply can’t […]

Diversity Day

LITIGATION VALUE:  $800,000 If I represented Kelly, I think my opening statement would say something like this: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we are here today because Kelly Kapoor’s right to work in an environment free of discrimination was violated when her boss, Michael Scott, repeatedly made negative comments about her heritage culminating in an […]