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Wage and Hour: Is It Legal to Suspend an Employee Without Pay as a Form of Discipline?

QUESTION: My company often sends employees home without pay for various offenses, such as egregious dress code violations, insubordination, and slacking off. Sometimes, the employee is told to return the next day, and sometimes the suspension runs for a few days or more while we investigate. I wouldn’t want anyone to know I’m asking, but […]

Unions: How Far Can We Go in Discouraging a Union Drive?

We’ve gotten word that a union is going to try to organize our manufacturing arm’s workers. I’m not sure what to tell the managers and supervisors about how far they can go to encourage their workers to reject the union. Can you give some general guidelines? — Thomas T., HR Manager in Berkeley

Short Takes: Unpaid Days Off

What are the legal and pay issues around unpaid time off, especially for exempt employees? Our internal surveys show that our employees want more time off, and we want to respond—we want to be a “great place to work.” But we just don’t see that we can afford to add paid vacation or personal days. […]

Exempt Employees: Can We Make Exempts Punch a Clock?

We’re a little unsure about what we can require of our exempt employees without risking their exemptions. Can we make them punch a time clock or track their hours? We tried the time clock approach, but they resented it. They said we’re treating them like hourly workers. Also, can we make them work a minimum […]

Disaster Pay: What Happens When We Have to Close?

In the wake of recent disasters, we have realized that we don’t have good policies for dealing with pay during emergencies. For example, what if we have to close because of a power blackout? Also, the few times we’ve closed in the past, some people who lived close by came in anyway. The people who […]