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Can Athletic Trainers Improve Your Organization’s Financial Wellness?

  Ever hear of the “industrial athlete”? The concept is that employees, like athletes, perform better when they are properly trained and fit for duty. Proponents say that the right training leads to fewer injuries, quicker return to work, and reduced costs. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of on-site athletic trainers. Says Jim […]

Are You Training New Hires to Get Off to the Right Start?

  Your organization has recently filled some open positions, and it’s time to put new employees to work. First, though, you need to make sure they understand your facility’s safety ins and outs. This checklist can help you ensure that you cover all of your new employee safety orientation bases. Before they start working on […]

Resolve to Freshen Up Your Training in the New Year

  If you get feedback that tells you that your training is boring, you’ve got a problem. Let’s face it: It’s easy to fall into the same monotonous pattern of giving the same training over and over. But if your training is boring it’s not going to be effective. Here are some easy tweaks to […]

My holiday wish for you

by Dan Oswald As 2014 winds to an end, it’s good to reflect on all you have accomplished this past year. Think back across the last 12 months and consider all you have done both personally and professionally. Consider the goals you set for yourself that you have crossed off the list. Examine the work […]

5 Key Training Trends for the New Year

Laura DiFlorio and Kerrie Main, regional sales directors for Nobscot Corporation (www.nobscot.com), identified these five trends for the coming year on HR.BLR.com: 1. Experiential Training With its emphasis on games and activities, experiential training is expected to be increasingly popular, says DiFlorio. Experiential training is especially effective with younger workers, who she says tend to […]

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s New Year ‘Tips’ for HR Managers

The act that gained her the most notoriety was her rule that all employees must report to work at the physical office—no more telecommuting. The move was met with disapproval in many quarters (although Donald Trump reportedly approved). Some called it a step backwards for flexibility in the workplace, especially for women, who often count […]

What Tips Does Marissa Mayer Have for HR Managers in the New Year?

While she works for a “Silicon Valley” company, the Yahoo CEO’s experiences (some would say exploits) over the past year offer some lessons and some challenges for every HR manager. The act that gained her the most notoriety was her rule that all employees must report to work at the physical office—no more telecommuting. The […]

Incentives End-of-the-Year Checkup

Incentive Compensation Checklist General Questions       Do you have an incentive compensation plan? Yes□  No□ Is it in writing? Yes□  No□ Does your incentive plan support the company’s mission and long-term goals/objectives? Yes□  No□ What levels of the organization will participate in the incentive compensation plan, e.g., top management, salespeople, entire organization? Yes□  […]