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Probationary clauses: Devil is in the details

by J. Alexandra MacCarthy In Canada, the legal effect of a probationary clause in an employment contract can be unclear depending upon the facts of the particular case. The Supreme Court of British Columbia recently addressed probationary clauses in employment contracts in Ly v. British Columbia (Interior Health Authority), 2017 BCSC 42. The plaintiff (PY) […]

No mention of severance pay or benefit continuation … No worries! Termination provision enforceable nonetheless!

by Rachel Younan Recent case law has overwhelmingly rejected termination clauses that purport to limit an employee’s entitlements upon termination to the minimum notice required by applicable employment standards legislation. In Ontario, provisions that have failed to reference severance pay and/or benefit continuation have been found to be invalid, resulting in common law notice that […]

Quitting Before End of Notice Period: Lessons from B.C. Court of Appeal

By Hadiya Roderique Working notice — the default under many pieces of employment standards in Canada — can be a way to reduce an organization’s cost of termination of employment. But what happens when an employee quits in response to getting fired before the end of the notice period? And what happens when the working […]

Loss of Qualifications: What’s the Employer’s Obligation?

By Gulu Punia What’s an employer in Canada to do if an employee loses a required qualification? For example, if drivers lose their licenses? If professional employees lose their accreditation? Is there a requirement to provide notice or pay in lieu of notice of termination? A recent appeal court decision in Ontario suggests that in […]

Canadian Employer Avoids Prior Severance Promises

by Karen Sargeant During these tough economic times, employers are often looking to increase flexibility. Several of our recent blog entries have discussed ways in which employers can do so – furloughs, work-sharing programs, changing employment contracts, and adjusting the size of the workforce. Recently, the British Columbia Court of Appeal granted Raytheon Canada some […]

Northern Exposure now with Fasken Martineau

by Brian Smeenk Just as Americans are considering how much change will occur in the context of the current election season, lots of change is happening north of the 49th parallel in the labor and employment field. Not the least of which, from the perspective of this publication, is a change in law firm affiliation. […]

New Limits Placed on ‘Bad Faith’ Damages in Terminations

by Helen Gray McCarthy Tetrault A recent decision of the Ontario Court of Appeal places new limits on a trial judge’s ability to award damages for conduct on the part of an employer during the termination process that is said to amount to “bad faith.” While it’s an Ontario decision, it can be expected to […]

Supreme Court of Canada Broadens Dismissed Employee’s Duty to Minimize Damages

By Rachel Ravary and Philippe Lacoursière McCarthy Tetrault Chalk one up for employers! In an era when the courts seem to be on a slippery slope of broadening employee rights, Canada’s highest court has given employers a break when it comes to assessing the costs of dismissing an employee without cause. In its decision earlier […]