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EEO-1: Are You Ready To Report?

Each year, employers are required to report the demographics of their workforce to the Joint Reporting Commission of the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

Not ‘Smoking Gun’ … But Nearly As Bad

The worst-case scenario in defending against discrimination claims is the “smoking gun.” (“Too old for this job” written on a candidate’s resume, for example.) In today’s CED, several of the less outrageous mistakes that can still shoot your defense to pieces.

Hire Based on Data, Not “Gut”

On Fridays, California Employer Daily will often be given over to an “E-pinion” column by Jennifer Carsen, Esq., ERI’s Managing Editor. If you’ve got an idea for a 500-700 word column on any topic of interest to California employers, we’d love to have you as a guest columnist. Just describe your idea in a brief […]

Recordkeeping: How long to hold on?

Litigation is the ultimate test of the adequacy of an employer’s recordkeeping practices, says attorney Allen Kato of the San Francisco office of Fenwick and West LLP. Of course, the courtroom isn’t the ideal place to discover that records are inadequate, incomplete, or nonexistent.

5 Hiring-Related Pitfalls to Avoid

Your managers may think they’re doing a good job of interviewing and hiring, says New York attorney Barbara Meister Cummins, but most of them are “traveling without a map.” Here are 5 of Cummins’s “Top Failures”:

3 Time-Saving Hiring Tips

Your time is valuable. You don’t want to waste it reviewing resumes of unqualified candidates. You need a system to keep all those unqualified candidates’ credentials off your desk (and off your computer desktop, too).

Legal vs. Illegal Hiring Questions

Protecting your business from unnecessary litigation begins well before an employee works a single day. Asking the wrong application or interview questions—or asking the right questions in the wrong way—can land you in court and come with a hefty price tag. But if you have a plan and take the time to learn which questions […]