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California Supreme Court Resolves KinCare Issue

As every California employer knows, our state’s employment laws are unique. One unique feature is the KinCare law — which permits employees to use some of their accrued paid sick leave to care for ill family members. Sick leave that is used by an employee under the KinCare law cannot be counted against the employee […]

Reasonable Accommodation: Court Examines Limits to Employer’s Obligation to Engage in Interactive Process with Disabled Employee

When Pacific Bell service technician Clarence Allen became disabled, his doctor told the company the disability prevented Allen from performing anything other than sedentary work. Allen then asked Pacific Bell to accommodate his disability by allowing him to return to his service technician position without requiring him to climb poles and ladders. Requested Accommodation Denied […]

Employee Policies And Handbooks: California Supreme Court Says You Can Change Your Policies But Adds New Rules For Employers; 3 Management Strategies

An important new California Supreme Court ruling has affirmed your right to modify or rescind your personnel policies, but it also creates new employee protections—and employer compliance obligations. We’ll examine this decision and look at what you have to do before you eliminate or change a policy.

News Notes: Telephone Company Will Pay $25 Million To Settle Pregnancy Discrimination Claims

Pacific Bell has agreed to pay $25 million to settle charges that it didn’t credit pregnancy leave toward an employee’s service when calculating retirement benefits. As many as 10,000 women who took leave before 1979, when Congress passed the federal law banning pregnancy discrimination, may share in the settlement. The class action suit was filed […]

Investigating And Terminating Employees: How One Employer Did It Right

Every time you fire someone, you run the risk of being sued. But your chances of getting hit with a big jury verdict or a hefty legal bill defending yourself can be drastically reduced with proper planning. That’s what one employer found when, because it carefully laid the groundwork to dismiss an employee accused of […]