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To What Extent Should Performance Appraisals Take COVID Into Consideration?

Performance reviews are a critical part of employee management. Unfortunately, they’re often given little attention by companies around the country. Even the best companies routinely limit formal performance reviews to once per year, with busy managers often scrambling to complete them at the last minute. This typical scenario fails to provide meaningful feedback to substantially […]

Performance Appraisals and the Halo Effect

In yesterday’s Advisor we heard from Steffen Maier, Cofounder of Impraise on how unconscious bias plays a role during performance appraisals, and how to overcome those biases. Today we have more tips.


Implementing After-Action Reviews

In a previous article, we discussed the concept of After-Action Reviews (AARs), a military practice that involves extensive analysis of training events after the fact.


Continuous Performance Management vs. Annual Review

Feedback is crucial to employee development, both to reinforce positive behaviors and to address and correct negative behaviors. Additionally, regular feedback is important in helping employees advance in their careers within the organization. Unfortunately, many organizations continue to limit their formal employee feedback to an annual review.


Alternative Employee Assessment Methods

In a previous post, we discussed some of the challenges inherent in traditional methods of employee assessment, specifically the fact that review of résumés and in-person interviews tend to focus too much on the objective skills of the employee rather than the subjective needs of the organization.

New Rules of Talent Management Part I

As the economy, markets, technology, and consumer preferences change, businesses must change and adapt, as well. And, as those businesses change and adapt, so, too, must the business units that support them. It’s easy to conceptualize this in terms of “traditional” functions like operations and marketing, but what many people don’t realize is that the […]

Will & Grace: New Run, Same Naughty Karen

Back in March, I wrote about the revival of Will & Grace, though we all know it is really the Jack & Karen show.  Over the years, we have seen the softer side of Karen Walker, which lies far (really far) below the surface of her martini-swilling, insult-slinging, pill-popping, Botox veneer. In the series revival, […]

Make Performance Appraisals Work for You, Not for an Opposing Attorney!

Performance reviews can either hurt or help, says Attorney Susan G. Fentin. If an employee is fired for poor performance, but his or her appraisal was good, the appraisal can show pretext. However, when a poor appraisal is followed by a lack of improvement by the employee, your appraisal can demonstrate a legitimate (and nondiscriminatory) […]