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Will & Grace: New Run, Same Naughty Karen

Back in March, I wrote about the revival of Will & Grace, though we all know it is really the Jack & Karen show.  Over the years, we have seen the softer side of Karen Walker, which lies far (really far) below the surface of her martini-swilling, insult-slinging, pill-popping, Botox veneer. In the series revival, […]

Make Performance Appraisals Work for You, Not for an Opposing Attorney!

Performance reviews can either hurt or help, says Attorney Susan G. Fentin. If an employee is fired for poor performance, but his or her appraisal was good, the appraisal can show pretext. However, when a poor appraisal is followed by a lack of improvement by the employee, your appraisal can demonstrate a legitimate (and nondiscriminatory) […]

Despite flaws, survey finds employers sticking to performance evaluations

If it’s not review season at your organization, you probably aren’t thinking about performance evaluations. Often review time comes around just once a year, and it’s not top of mind any other time—possibly because so many people dread the process.  For human resources professionals, that process can be even more stressful than it is for […]

Top 10 Best Practices in HR Management for 2013

Every year, BLR’s HR editors select ten key topics we think will be at the forefront in the following year, and we offer best practices for each topic. This year, we will feature free best practice reports under each category. Simply click on the links below to download the featured reports. More reports will be […]

Performance Appraisal Cartoon

12 Performance Appraisal Best Practices

Performance appraisals are perhaps the best way to not only let your employee know how she’s doing, but also to get feedback about how your organization is doing, whether your employees are committed to your goals, and what you can do to improve morale. A performance appraisal that is mutually beneficial to both an employee […]

Layoffs: Big Brother is watching you

Breaking News: President Bush Signs ADA Amendments Act Yesterday, President Bush signed the ADA Amendments Act of 2008. For more details on the new law, click here. The changes take effect Jan. 1, 2009. Get ready to comply–attend our audio conference on the new law on Oct. 8.

Are You Flunking Performance Evaluations 101?

As HR professionals, you might sometimes find it’s easy to take parts of your job for granted — completing I-9 forms, signing employees up for health insurance, and overseeing annual performance evaluations. Unlike routine paperwork, however, performance evaluations are an important part of effective management and can be critical in defending against employment litigation. And […]