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Importance of Evaluating Your Employees—The Good and the Bad

As we approach the end of another year, some of you may be gearing up for the year-end performance evaluation season. Conducting proper performance evaluations can play a critical role in your organization’s ability to address issues with poor performing employees, as well as retain your good employees. The purpose of this article is to […]

Quiet Quitting and Bare Minimum Mondays May Be Risky Business

What a difference a few months make! Starting in early 2021 and spurred by the emergence and rapid spread of COVID-19, piled on top of long-standing grievances, the Great Resignation peaked in mid-2022. While resignations have tapered off in 2023, workers’ leverage in the employment relationship didn’t immediately follow suit. The second half of 2022 […]

How Using a Justice Lens Can Make Your HR Practices More Equitable

As we make strides toward openly discussing race in the workplace, we must also remember that until the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, it was still legal to include “blacks need not apply” in job ads. Once outlawed, explicit discrimination in hiring morphed into implicit barriers, taking on the form of coded […]


How to Give Good Feedback on Goals

Do your employees make quarterly or yearly goals? If so, you probably have a system in place whereby you or another employee meets with them to go over their goals. However, these meetings are probably pretty quick—after all, how can you really tell people the goals they set for themselves aren’t a good idea? It’s […]


Acronyms and Employee Performance: List Goes On and On

Acronyms are quick and useful abbreviations that allow us to recall lists, speeches, important facts, or procedures through the use of one word or short phrase. Such shortcuts are common in the world of employment, too, and just as useful. TIPS and tricks Acronyms are one of the oldest tricks in the book when it […]


Q&A Performance Reviews Are Broken

Perhaps you have heard: The performance review is dead—at least, that’s what a lot of analysts out there are saying. We recently spoke with a coaching expert to discuss what should take its place.


No Surprises in Performance Reviews

Performance reviews are a key element of any employee training and development process. Frequent feedback is crucial in reinforcing positive behaviors and addressing and correcting negative ones.

How Should You Address Employees Who ‘Won’t Go Quietly’ When They Quit?

How you leave a job can make a huge impact on how you move forward, but it can also make a huge impact on the company you leave. Recent research conducted by Reflektive, a people management platform, revealed interesting insights concerning the connection between unfair performance reviews and how likely people are to quit. Additionally, […]


7 Resources Your Employees Need for Successful L&D

Employers spend around $160 billion per year in employee training and education. But a lot of that money might be spent in vain, as only around 25% of employers that responded to a McKinsey & Co. survey admitted that their training and education initiatives truly improved their employees’ performance.