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The Purr-fect Solution: How Pets Elevate the Remote Work Experience

The recent buzzword in the tech industry has been “efficiency.” Yet, as big tech companies push for more streamlined operations, there’s a concerning trend: a sharp decline in employee satisfaction. This sentiment isn’t unique to tech, of course. Workers in finance, consulting, and other areas echo similar feelings. In companies’ quest for increasing efficiencies, how […]

Employees Purring over ‘Pawternity Leave’ and Other Pet-Supportive Benefits

As the next generation of professionals enters the workplace and the job market tightens, employers are rolling out new benefits and finding more creative ways to attract and retain employees. Things like “pawternity leave” are gaining traction. Implementing new pet-supportive benefits in this uncharted territory requires careful consideration.

Collies in the cubicles? Exploring pros and cons of pets at work

Who couldn’t use a cute, cuddly friend at work? One that’s not the least bit judgmental, one that is loyal and devoted, one whose main goal in life is to build you up when the pressures of work get you down. If only your dog could go with you to work.  A number of companies […]

Pets in the Office

(Updated April 15, 2009) by Hillary J. Collyer With all the recent press about America’s new first dog, Bo Obama, we thought it would be timely to address the issue of pets in the workplace — after all, the White House isn’t just the country’s most famous residence, it’s also a workplace. According to the […]