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The Purr-fect Solution: How Pets Elevate the Remote Work Experience

The recent buzzword in the tech industry has been “efficiency.” Yet, as big tech companies push for more streamlined operations, there’s a concerning trend: a sharp decline in employee satisfaction. This sentiment isn’t unique to tech, of course. Workers in finance, consulting, and other areas echo similar feelings. In companies’ quest for increasing efficiencies, how […]


Is It Time to Implement a Pets-at-Work Policy?

Employers, now’s the time to make sure employees are feeling fulfilled. The Great Resignation is upon us. Plus, the Financial Independence, Retire Early (F.I.R.E.) movement is gaining momentum. It seems more and more Americans aren’t interested in staying at one company for long. When your employees are handing in resignations quicker than a cat on […]

Service animal or pet? When Rover comes to work

by Erica E. Flores For decades, service animals were used almost exclusively to assist the blind and, in that role, were aptly known simply as guide dogs or seeing-eye dogs. But times have changed. Today, dogs and other service animals—including monkeys, parrots, and miniature horses—are being trained to provide a remarkable variety of services to […]