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3 Principles of a Human-First Approach to Hiring Talent

Technology continues to transform the HR space, but companies must not lose sight of the human element of hiring and recruiting. Hiring managers must step back to mold processes, tools, and culture around candidate needs. After all, the current number of job openings in the United States exceeds 11 million. And with more open positions […]


Do not repeat the mistakes of your diva

Preparation pays off. While it may be well known that “practice, practice, practice” gets you to Carnegie Hall, it appears you don’t even need to do the sound check to play Times Square on New Year’s Eve. Mariah Carey’s performance to close out the year may have felt like a fitting end to 2016, a year that has caught so […]

Bring your parents to work and show them what they helped you achieve

by Dan Oswald Recently, one of my colleagues suggested that we have a “bring your parents to work” day at the company. It’s a great idea and one that I, frankly, would have never thought of even though it makes perfect sense. Many companies have a “bring your kids to work” day, although many people […]

Surviving an OSHA Inspection

by John Hall When your friendly Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) inspector comes a-knockin’, it’s usually too late to get your house in order. Here are some dos and don’ts to prepare you for an OSHA inspection and minimize your chances of citations. Preparation is your best defense Don’t wait until OSHA is at […]