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Leaving Your Job Gracefully

Although it’s understood your job isn’t a lifetime commitment, it can still come as a shock when a colleague announces his or her departure. And it can be even more jarring when the departing team member is a manager or another member of the leadership team, who are generally viewed by staff as institutional.

The Power of Words

Most people would agree that strong communication skills — written or verbal — are an asset for any manager. The ability to communicate effectively can be a profound advantage in business. Words can be used to motivate, negotiate, intimidate, and validate. Words are powerful weapons and, when wielded by someone who is adept in their […]

Management Lessons from the Oval Office

Last week, the Wall Street Journal ran a front-page article that discussed President Barack Obama’s management style. Among other things, the article said the President likes to get deeper into the details than many of his predecessors. It also discussed how he uses debate-like techniques to drill into subjects, even having staff members take and […]