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This Survey Helps You Make the Most of Your Benefits

Benefit strategies have undergone a lot of changes since the economic recession of 2008. That’s why Gallagher asked 4,155 organizations how they handle their overall benefit strategy. Its 2019 Benefits Strategy & Benchmarking Survey can help you understand how you stack up against other organizations when it comes to optimizing the packaging and branding of […]

Q&A: Tweaking Health Benefits Helps HR Prepare for a Recession

Perhaps you’ve heard talk of the looming recession. A prediction of the future, however, is less than reliable, especially when talking about something with as many moving parts as the economy. But in the event that the doomsayers are right, HR might want to take a few steps to mitigate such dangers.

Hit and Run

I ran across a number of things this week that I thought were worthy of comment.  Instead of choosing one, I thought I would try to get them all in. In the “It’s About Time” category, the board of BP negotiated the departure of Tony Hayward as CEO of the oil company and replaced him […]

Recession Hard on Black, Hispanic Job Hunters

According to a report released in November by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), African American and Hispanic workers were hit particularly hard during the first year of the current recession. The report notes that while “the overall labor market conditions deteriorated markedly in 2008 following the onset of the recession in December 2007 . […]

Aging Workers Present Golden Opportunities

By Gary Jiles A wise employer recognizes that with age comes solid work experience. Thus, it is beneficial to both you and the employee to accommodate the needs of your aging employees. While an older workforce may trigger a few considerations, flexibility and additional training can ensure that your employees (and business) continue to prosper. […]

Surviving the Recession: How to Cope with Tough Times

All right, I’m officially over the recession. I’m tired of reading, writing, thinking, and talking about it. Most of all I’m tired of having to deal with it every day in our business. I long for the good ol’ days. For our industry — publishing — that was the go-go ’90s. But at this point […]

Bad Economy No Excuse for Not Succeeding

Bad news is everywhere. The recession is dominating the headlines. On a daily basis we hear about bailouts, layoffs, and bankruptcies. In light of all the bad news, how are we to react? If there ever was a time when one could step back and just mail it in, this would be it. I mean […]

Keep Long-Term Goals in Mind While Cuting Staff, Budget

Talent Management We’ve talked a lot about job loss. With U.S. companies slashing nearly 600,000 jobs in January, it has been top of mind for most of us.  Here’s the upside in what is an otherwise very dismal situation.  Layoffs can give a company the opportunity to cull its lowest performers, resulting in a leaner, […]