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A Closer Look at How Serious the Employee Recruitment and Retention Challenge Is

Many readers are likely aware of the challenges businesses across the country are having finding and keeping qualified workers. Maybe it’s the long wait and less-than-stellar service at a favorite restaurant, the local small business owner lamenting his or her inability to fill an open position, or one’s experience carrying an additional workload because a […]


Hiring People in Recovery: The Case for How it Benefits Employers

People recovering from addiction (also called a substance use disorder) face an unemployment rate three times higher than the average rate, according to a 2017 study by the Recovery Research Institute at Massachusetts General Hospital. Many employers fear that people in recovery will threaten the company’s success. In reality, they offer unique strengths you can’t […]


Five Ways to Identify Future Leaders in Entry-Level Candidates

People know a great leader when they see one. Yet, if you ask 10 people to describe the characteristics of a strong leader, you’ll probably get 10 different answers. True leadership is an evolutionary process in which successes and occasional failures have helped develop leadership abilities in equal measure. No two leaders have the exact […]

Human Resources: Should We Outsource HR Activities?

Our management has asked me to explore the possibility of outsourcing substantial parts of our HR function. (They’re not singling us out—other functions are doing the analysis, too). How can we tell what to outsource, and to whom?   — Tammy, HR director in Cupertino