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Regression Analysis: a Case Study

A nonprofit home healthcare agency has asked “a consultant” whether its CEO is fairly paid relative to the marketplace for similar agencies. The Agency has supplied a database to the consultant, who also has his own survey database of CEO pay. This case will demonstrate how regression data can be used to answer this question. […]

Regression Analysis: Setting Pay Levels with Precision

What Is Regression Analysis? Regression analysis is a statistical technique that predicts the level of one variable (the “dependent” variable) based on the level of another variable (the “independent” variable). In a compensation setting, for example, that might be the relationship of executive pay to company size or company revenue. David Wudyka, SPHR, MBA, BSIE, […]

You Found Compensation ‘Disparities,’ Now What?

It’s important to recognize that you need to be able to document an employee’s compensation history, not just their current salary, says consultant Judith Mickey. Look at the employment lifecycle:  Start rates (identify overqualified applicants) Pay increase documentation Pay decrease documentation Wage freezes, etc.  Mickey, of HR Consultants, Inc., offered her comments at the recent […]