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Unreasonable-Refusal-to-Rehire Claim Barred by 10-Year-Old Compromise Agreement

Wisconsin employers are used to being able to settle and receive a release of claims for known and unknown events that have occurred only in the past. In a recent Labor & Industry Review Commission (LIRC) decision, a full and final compromise agreement entered into between the parties prevented the employee from maintaining an unreasonable-refusal-to-rehire […]

Disability Discrimination: Blanket Refusal To Rehire Discharged Employees Violates ADA; Would Your Rehire Policy Pass Muster?

Suppose a former employee applies for a position with your company. You check their personnel record and discover the person was terminated. Following standard company procedure not to rehire previously discharged employees, you reject the person’s application outright.But the applicant turns around and sues you under the federal Americans with Disabilities Act, claiming you really […]