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4 Ways to Retain Employees During an Economic Downturn

Talent management professionals have navigated 3 years of upheaval. From the sudden onset of hybrid and remote working models to major fluctuations in the labor market and the current global economic uncertainty, change has been the only constant. In addition to these challenges, there remains the enduring conundrum: how best to support, engage, and retain […]

How One HR Pro Creates Safe Spaces to Retain Talent

For more than a decade Shrina Sood, Associate Vice President of Talent Acquisition & Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) at Curriculum Associates, has helped recruit talent by supporting the Educational Technology organization grow from 200 to 2,000 employees. For our latest Faces of HR profile, we sat down with Shrina to discuss how she […]

How the Environment Impacts Gen Z’s Attitude Toward Work

Employers have typically used salary and benefits to attract and retain staff. Although money is an important motivator for most workers and benefits like health insurance have a potentially significant impact on employees’ bank accounts, it’s a mistake to focus too much on salary and benefits at the expense of other enticements. Here are three […]

The Pervasiveness of Subjective Hiring

In today’s labor market, many employers are just happy to acquire any talent they can get their hands on. However, it’s still important for recruitment teams to focus on finding the best fit for the needs and culture of the organization. And with fewer candidates submitting applications, employers are well advised to carefully review available […]

Faces of HR: How Sandra O’Sullivan is Reshaping HR Culture by Putting People First

Before Sandra O’Sullivan got her start in the industry, she worked in customer-facing roles like customer success and professional services within tech and service companies. During this time, O’Sullivan realized building teams and culture had “always been attractive” to her. So, in 2019, when she had the opportunity to step into a senior HR role, […]

How Employees Can Integrate Mindfulness at Work and Its impact on Chronic Pain

Since the pandemic first began, anxiety and stress levels have skyrocketed across the nation. It’s been a struggle for many people who have had to deal with job losses, social dislocation, and the deaths of loved ones. Worse yet, it’s exacerbated another insidious problem we’ve already been dealing with for years: drug overdose deaths from […]

Why Small Companies Need HR Strategies to Improve Recruiting & Retention

By Michael F. Brown, Camden Consulting Group Being an entrepreneur is exciting—from the thrill of creating your own product or service to building your business your way without having to answer to someone else.  You call the shots and you use your expertise the way you see fit.

The Four Signs of Bad Turnover

Four signs of bad turnover are: Your turnover rate is high compared to industry norms Your turnover rate is high compared those with whom you compete for employees A significant number of employees leave to work for competing employers You are losing many of your top performing employees. In these cases, begin to seek out […]