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The Five Grand Myths of Essential Functions

It’s time to review those job descriptions again! And as always, the focus is on the essential functions decision. We’ve collected five myths of essential functions to help you with this updating task. So before you start, take a look at our five myths—and then, dive in. The Five Myths of Essential Functions We’ve identified […]

Can’t Pay for Performance if Can’t Measure Performance

Workplace compensation is essentially a supply and demand system, says Dorf, who is managing director of Compensation Resources, Inc. in Upper Saddle River, NJ. Supply has been strong, and that means small or no raises, but that is starting to change. A bunch of studies say maybe 60 percent or more of employees would look […]

Business Necessity No, RFOA Yes (Age Discrimination)

EEOC released its Final Rule on Disparate Impact and “Reasonable Factors Other Than Age” Under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 in March and it became effective April 30. EEOC also published an informative Q&A on which this article is based. ADEA and Disparate Impact ADEA prohibits two types of discrimination against workers […]

Retaliation—Policy Must-Haves and Prevention Must-Dos

Pritikin, founder of Proactive Lawsuit Prevention, made her comments at SHRM’s Employment Law and Legislative Conference, held recently in Washington, DC. Retaliation Policy Must-Haves Pritikin suggest that employers include the following in their anti-retaliation policies: Make a standalone commitment against retaliation—it’s the number one EEOC claim! Define retaliation Give a specific examples including “zone of […]