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12 Gaps in Your Candidate Experience

A survey by CareerBuilder shows that there might be some serious gaps between your organization’s recruiting needs and your candidates.


Unusual Interview Mistakes

Today we are going to look at the results of a recent CareerBuilder survey surrounding the most unusual interview mistakes.

Bad Hires Are Widespread, and Costly

These are the main takeaways from a new CareerBuilder survey, which finds nearly three in four employers, 74 percent, have been affected by a bad hire and the average cost of one bad hire is $14,900.

Workers’ Financial Woes

Living paycheck to paycheck to make ends meet is a way of life for a majority of U.S. workers. And minimum wage workers aren’t the only ones struggling financially.

What Won’t Candidates Do to Get Noticed?

As recruiter, you’ve probably seen your fair share of unusual methods from candidates. Today we’ll look at a list of what some have tried and how you might handle them.

Most Employers Use Social Media to Screen Candidates

Before posting pictures of your late-night revelry or complaints about your job on social media, think again—70% of employers use social media to screen candidates before hiring, up significantly from 60% last year and 11% in 2006.

Artificial Intelligence and Recruiting: The Future Is Already Here

Human resource managers are already seeing evidence of artificial intelligence (AI) becoming a regular part of HR, as common functions become fully or partially automated. So finds a recent survey from CareerBuilder, a provider of human capital solutions.


Is a College Degree the New High School Diploma?

It sure seems that way. According to a recent CareerBuilder® survey, 38% of employers have raised their educational requirements over the past 5 years, compared to 32% last year.