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4 Factors for Effective Safety Training

The “Trainer’s Corner” experts in our sister publication, OSHA Compliance Advisor, suggests that, to teach adult trainees, four factors are key: Motivation. Like a door, the mind has to be opened before any new information can enter. The key to getting it open, say our experts, is relevance. What you’re learning about has to be […]

Do Safety Trainers Need Training on Training?

These tips were reported on in our biweekly sister print publication, OSHA Compliance Advisor, whose ongoing “Trainer’s Corner” feature specializes in training trainers to be better at what they do. Today, and in the next Advisor, let’s look at some of these pointers. First, Preparation In training, as in so many other pursuits, “the speed […]

Hands-On Hand Safety Training

Discussing the various hand hazards your workers face and describing the safety procedures in place to protect them are both important parts of your training. But sometimes, physical demonstrations of just how hand injuries would affect workers’ lives may pack the biggest punch, so to speak. In other words, here’s a brief training exercise to […]

Does Your Safety Training Need a Hand?

Because the hands and fingers play a role in virtually every task, they are unusually vulnerable to injury. And they are also often taken for granted and not protected as well as they should be. Yet their distinctive characteristics—strength, flexibility, sensitivity, and coordination—are vital, and hand protection and safety should be a major concern for […]

Train Employees to Get Safely Home for the Holidays

December is National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month. What better time for a safety training session on keeping safe on the road this holiday season? Give employees these safe holiday driving tips from MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving): Select a designated driver who pledges not drink before celebrations begin. Never serve alcohol at a […]

Deck the Halls with Safety Training

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), hundreds of home fires start every year with Christmas trees, and candles cause thousands of home fires. Many deaths and injuries as well as millions of dollars in property damage are attributable to these two common holiday decorations. Here are some seasonal safety tips you can use […]

What Would Mindfulness Training Look Like?

In addition to their work mentioned in yesterday’s Advisor, Marc Gomez and Jessica Drew de Paz discovered that mindfulness was at the heart of stress-reduction work going on at the UCI Susan Samueli Center for Integrative Medicine. The Center’s courses may be integrated into the EHS training. Another resource is the University of Washington, which […]

Expert Advice on Handling Difficult Trainees and Questions

Q. What can trainers do to manage difficult participants and difficult questions during training? A. Difficult trainees include hecklers (particularly in large groups) as well as those who “for whatever reason have totally shut down and make it obvious” by not participating and sitting with their arms folded during training, says Veronica J. Holcomb, president […]

Could Your Trainers Use Some Expert Training Advice?

Q. How can trainers make the most efficient use of classroom training time? A. Trainers are under constant pressure from management to decrease the amount of face-to-face classroom time and to reduce overall training time, says Elaine Biech, president and managing principal of ebb associates inc. (www.ebbweb.com), an organizational development firm. That’s why it’s so […]