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Top 10: Compensation & Benefits Daily Advisor

9 Thinks You MUST NOT Include in Your Documentation Yesterday’s Advisor presented Attorney Franck Wobst’s key things you should include in documentation. Today, 9 things not to include, plus an introduction to Employee Compensation in Your State. Crimson Tide Coach Offers Seven Lessons for Every Manager Some of you might get tired of my use […]

Danger Zone—Deductions from Salaried Employees’ Pay

Generally, payment on a salaried basis means that employees receive a predetermined amount of pay that can’t be reduced due to variations in the quality or quantity of their work. Employees must be paid their full salary for any week in which they: bzc cb Perform any work, regardless of the number of hours or […]

Could Comp Audit Be Damaging Exhibit #1 in Court?

And the second rule of auditing: Be sure that management is willing to make corrections if infractions are found. If your own audit shows failure to comply, and especially if you haven’t taken steps since the audit to correct the situation, your audit can quickly turn from a helpful tool to a damaging exhibit in […]