Moderation in all things

by Mark I. Schickman What brings job satisfaction to employees is a key inquiry for every HR professional. And, as we have written before, that answer changes with the times and with the circumstances. Boomers wanted job security and were often most comfortable when they were taking detailed instructions from supervisors. Successively, those values have […]

What do employees want? Money ranks right up there

Employers spend a lot of time and energy striving for engaged workers, the kind of employees who are happy, productive, and devoted to their jobs. But finding ways to recruit and retain those employees takes understanding what workers value most from an employer, and that gets complicated. Some employers emphasize their commitment to flexibility and […]

Jobs with the Most Promising Salary Increases

Randstad US, a staffing and HR services companies, has released its annual salary guides, which reveal that while most 2016 pay raises will average around 3%, certain engineering, information technology, manufacturing and logistics, and office and administration jobs can expect compensation increases of 6% to 9%.

The Role of HR In Compensation Decisions

Today, we’re continuing our coverage of highlights from the results of the BLR® 2015–2016 Pay Budget Survey. Full survey results are available to our Compensation.BLR.com® subscribers on the website.

Crafting an Effective Salary Structure: Art or Science?

Yesterday, we got some insights on the importance of a well-structured approach to compensation at your organization, courtesy of J. Timothy O’Rourke. Today, we look at his take on whether building an effective salary structure is more of an art or a science.

Sales: In Its Own Category When It Comes to Bonuses

Yesterday, we looked at the types of employee bonuses you might wish to consider offering as well as some of the pros and cons. Today, we turn to sales team incentives, which are in a category all by themselves.

DOL’s proposed rules to swell ranks of overtime-eligible employees

The U.S. Department of Labor’s (DOL) release of new proposed rules regulating who is eligible for overtime pay has employers scrambling to determine how many of their workers will need to be reclassified when new regulations take effect. Currently, the salary threshold for an employee to be exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) […]

Want to keep employees? Consider the reasons they quit

It may be a cliché to say employees are an employer’s greatest asset. But if that weren’t true, it wouldn’t be a cliché and employers wouldn’t focus so much attention on retaining their best and brightest. The reasons behind an employee’s decision to leave a job depend on each individual’s situation, but new research identifies […]