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Delaware same-sex marriage changes take effect July 1

The amendment to the Delaware Domestic Relations Act legalizing same-sex marriage goes into effect July 1. Under the law, the same rights, benefits, protections, and legal responsibilities apply to married same-sex couples and married opposite-sex couples. In 2012, Delaware’s Civil Union Equality Act (CUEA) established that civil unions are to be treated as marriages under […]

Colorado civil union law takes effect May 1

by Rebecca Hudson Colorado’s new civil union law goes into effect May 1, meaning Colorado joins eight other states that permit civil unions or have similar laws that recognize them. Nine other states and Washington, D.C., allow same-sex marriage. Under the Colorado Civil Union Act, the state will recognize civil unions entered into by same-sex […]

Colorado civil union law means change for employers

The Colorado Civil Union Act, which takes effect May 1, requires changes in employer-provided insurance plans and makes changes to the state’s workers’ compensation law. Effective for plans issued, delivered, or renewed on or after January 1, 2014, a party to a civil union may cover his or her partner as a dependent. Employers providing […]

Delaware’s Law on Same-Sex Unions Takes Effect January 1

By Adria B. Martinelli and Lauren E. Moak The new law allowing same-sex civil unions in Delaware and recognizing civil unions performed in other states goes into effect January 1, 2012 after being passed last spring. The law also changes all sections of the Delaware Code that mention marriage by requiring that the word “marriage” […]

Delaware Becomes Seventh State to Approve Same-Sex Civil Unions

by Lauren A. Moak and Adria B. Martinelli Beginning January 1, 2012, Delaware will allow same-sex civil unions and also will recognize similar unions performed in other states. Yesterday, the Delaware House of Representatives approved Senate Bill 30, a bill that establishes and recognizes same-sex civil unions while also requiring that the word “marriage” where […]